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Check Your Order Status

If you are interested and want to know the status of your order, you may call or use our contact form.

Before you do that, please take a moment and read through our order processing steps listed below.  You will learn exactly how we process orders, and the steps we go through to get you your order as quick as possible.

If you have already received the email with your UPS Tracking Number you can track your shipment via the UPS Tracking website.

Our Order Completion Process

When you place an order with us there are four steps that your order will go through.

  • Order Confirmation
  • Order Received By Us
  • Order In Process Of Being Completed
  • Order Completed – Being Shipped To You

Order Confirmation

When you place an order with us you receive an email receipt confirming your order.  This email means that you successfully completed the order placement, the checkout process, and your credit card has been charged.

Order Received By Us

We formally receive and process orders Monday thru Friday (excluding holidays that fall during the business week during the year).  This means that if you place your order on Saturday or Sunday we will start working on your order first thing Monday morning.

This phase of the order process usually takes between 6 – 24 hours depending upon product levels and availability.

Order “In Process” Of Being Completed

We go to great lengths to ship our customer’s orders as soon as possible.  We ship the majority of all of the orders we receive within 12 – 24 hours of receiving them Monday thru Friday.  As such, some orders do take longer to ship.

We go to great lengths to contact our customers if their orders are going to be delayed.  We believe strongly in a tremendous amount of communication with our customers.

Order Completed – Being Shipped To You

You will receive an email when your order is complete and shipping to you.  This email will contain your UPS Tracking Number that you can input at the UPS Tracking website.